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Big Heart is managed by a staff of professionals in the United States, and Guatemala.


Sponsor a Child's Education

Almost 1/3 of children in Guatemala are not completing their elementary education. Why? Their families cannot afford the minimal cost of tuition, uniform, and other fees. Additionally, their families need the income, albeit meager, that the child can generate from working in some destitute employment.

If these children cannot get an education, it is virtually impossible for them to break out of the cycle of poverty they were born into. You have the power to change this.

Big Heart makes it possible for you to sponsor a child for as little as $35 per month. All Big Heart's overhead costs are covered by Excend Consulting which allows 100% of your donations to go directly to the child you sponsor.

Your Gift Matters

Your sponsorship enables a child to get an education. You can literally change their future.